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Garlic Tonga Sculptural Baskets by Mbare

Garlic Tonga Sculptural Baskets by Mbare

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These Garlic Tonga Sculptural Baskets are made entirely of Ilala palm leaves in rural Bulawayo, Zimbabwe by women of the Ndebele tribe. The weaving is a traditional technique that has been passed along from one generation to the next. Women gather to weave and connect with each other under the shade of large trees with their children playing nearby. Each weaver infuses her own touch in these baskets, so each one is unique in pattern and shape - no two are identical, which makes each basket truly one of a kind.

Contour in inches:
S 12-15
M 16-19
L 20-23
XL 24-27
XXL 28-32

Use these gorgeous baskets to decorate any space that needs a warm, handmade touch. Amazing on their own or with dried flowers, stems or branches. The smaller ones can go on tabletops as centerpieces or shelves, while the larger ones look great on the floor in a corner, by a bed or a credenza. They look best in groups of different sizes for a fuller effect.

The baskets are measured using a soft tape measure. The tape is run from the center of the base of the basket, around the curve of the bowl, then up the neck. Because of the wide variety of shapes of these baskets, the measurement is a CONTOUR measurement, not a straight LxWxH. 

Weight: 0.4 - 1.73 lbs

IMPORTANT! Please review size diagram in order to understand how they are measured.  No two shapes are identical.

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