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Onyx Coffee Lab

Ginseng Oolong Tea by Onyx Coffee Lab

Ginseng Oolong Tea by Onyx Coffee Lab

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This oolong tea was grown in Fujian, China, and the fresh leaves are harvested, then immediately hand-rolled into a ball shape. The leaves are fired and then rolled again, and this process is repeated over 20 times until the tea is fully processed. Lastly, it is mixed with ginseng powder and dried. This tea has a rich, lingering sweetness in the cup.

Fujian, China

Hand-Rolled, Fired, Dried


Maple, Osmanthus, Sweet Mint
(Sachet) Hot (8oz)
Tea: 2g
Water: 8oz
Water Temp: 195*F
Total Brew Time: 4 mins


Duan grew up on tea farms and has been involved with tea growing & production for his entire life. He is one of the most prolific & enthusiastic tea producers, and our sourcing partner has worked with him for over a decade. Through the years, Duan has pioneered many organic farming initiatives, curated his own small production facility, and forged partnerships with producers and farmers all around Henan, China. Today, he owns several of his own tea gardens.

The entire production of this ginseng oolong tea is handled exclusively in Duan’s own production facility. Each batch is produced by hand in very small quantities, and Duan’s entire family is involved in the processing from start to finish. They are incredibly passionate about producing unique, artisanal teas, and they are always experimenting with new ways to produce high quality teas, all by hand. He is always excited to share new teas that he’s working on and is beyond grateful for the opportunity to share his artistic handiwork with the world.

We can enjoy a wide range of aromas and flavors in oolong tea thanks to the different production styles and unique tea cultivars. The trademark characteristic of an oolong tea is the semi-oxidation process, but the degree of oxidation can range from 8% to 85% depending on the variety and length of time before firing. It requires great attention to both timing and temperature in repeated stages of rolling, shaping and firing until the desired amount of bruising and browning of leaves has been achieved. The final leaves are usually rolled into strands or curled into small beads.

The pyramid tea sachets are designed to give the tea leaves ample room to unfurl & expand as they steep. These sachets are made from PLA Mesh (NeoSoilon®) material that is derived from 100% non-GMO sugar cane. Each sachet is pre-dosed so you can enjoy a great cup of tea at your convenience.

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