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Mexican Handloomed Blanket 80" x 60"

Mexican Handloomed Blanket 80" x 60"

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Wrap yourself in handloomed history with these gorgeous Mexican Blankets. Choose from a bold, bright, multi-colored hue or a black and white sophisticated beauty. Ideal to use as a bed cover, a sofa throw, or a beach/picnic blanket, these blankets reflect the vibrancy of Mexico in your own home.

History of coziness

Mexican Blankets, also known as Serapes, have been used and worn for hundreds of years. Sometimes worn as a shawl, and sometimes worn as a poncho with a hole for your head, the Serape was the clothing item of choice to keep you warm across the Mexican region.

Meet The Artisan

"My name is Rodrigo Leonel Villanueva Cuevas I was born and raised in San Sebastián Tutla, Oaxaca. I attended to the Escuela Nacional de Artesanias in CDMX where I learned the elaboration of Stained Glass, I had being in different courses, of painting and other arts and I have also tried to train myself in different techniques.

"What interested me and inspired me to do what I do is, I have been grown up in an artisan environment. My grandparents were shawl artisans and my mother designed clothes. With me, we are the fourth generation and we have dedicate ourselves to this, my wife who also dedicates herself to the elaboration of new designs and my children now the next generation of artisans and it is nice to see how they are getting involved so that the craft does not disappear.

"I work with different materials, mainly with threads, cotton thread, I like to work more with the natural because they are processes and techniques of elaboration of many years ago and it is how to keep the crafts. Although I am dedicated to this, I believe that there is always something new and challenging, for example in creating new designs, something innovative, that pleases."

Dimensions & Care

Machine wash cold and air dry or dry clean.
Materials - Color variations may occur (lighter or darker) due to the blankets being hand-dyed.
Made of 100% cotton
80'' x 60"

*Please note that because these blankets are hand loomed, variations in sizing may occur.

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