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Punjabi Decorative Metal Tray

Punjabi Decorative Metal Tray

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These Indian Metal Trays are exquisite pieces that elegantly capture the essence of Punjabi artistry, infusing your space with cultural vibrance and functional beauty.

Fusion of Art and Functionality

These trays help elevate your decor with a vibrant fusion of art, color, and functionality crafted in assorted sizes in Noida, India. Infused with the lively spirit of Punjabi design, these trays feature bright colors and intricate detailing, adding a touch of cultural richness to any space. Each tray tells a story of craftsmanship, making them not just functional pieces but also stunning accents that celebrate the lively aesthetic of Punjabi artistry.

**Not meant for serving or cooking food.

Dimensions & Care

These trays come in three different sizes:

Small: 6.7'' x 6.7'' x 1.2''

Medium: 10.3'' x 10.3'' x 1.6''

Large: 13.9'' x 13.9'' x 1.8''

Hand-wash only - not dishwasher safe.

Final Sale. Not Eligible For Returns.

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