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Ariana Ost

Triple Quartz Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid - Clear - Smoky - Rose by Ariana Ost

Triple Quartz Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid - Clear - Smoky - Rose by Ariana Ost

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Fulfilled by our friends at Ariana Ost

Introducing the Triple Quartz Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid - Clear, Smoky, and Rose. This stunning crystal grid combines the powerful energies of three different tones of quartz crystals, creating a harmonious blend of healing properties.

Featuring a gorgeous palette of grey, clear, and pink hues, this crystal grid is not only visually appealing but also holds immense energetic potential. Each crystal is carefully hand-wrapped onto a wax and metal wire cast base, meticulously crafted at our design studio.

Crystal gridding is a transformative practice that allows you to manifest your dreams into reality. By arranging an abundance of stones in a geometric pattern, the energy of each crystal is amplified and further charged. This Triple Quartz Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid acts as a conduit, guiding the energy of the crystals to radiate like lightwaves throughout your space.

Your grid becomes a powerful tool when activated with intention and positive energy. Its purpose is to help you achieve your goals and tap into the true power of crystals, opening doors to possibilities and bringing about positive change in your life. Embrace the magic and elevate your everyday by celebrating life's simple moments with this grid in your environment.

  • Amplify the energy of your crystals
  • Harness the power of crystal communities

Clear Quartz, known for its strength and illuminating properties, brings light and clarity to your path. Rose Quartz, the crystal of peace, love, and calmness, promotes compassion and emotional healing. Smoky Quartz, with its protective and anxiety-relieving qualities, dispels negativity and helps you find inner peace.

This Triple Quartz Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid measures approximately 9-10" in diameter and weighs 7oz. It is available in gold, rose gold, and silver, allowing you to choose the perfect finish to complement your space.

Embrace the transformative power of crystals and create a harmonious energy flow in your surroundings. Unleash the potential of this Triple Quartz Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid to manifest your dreams, enhance positivity, and invite abundance into your life.

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