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Moi Mili

Wool Blanket “Sun”

Wool Blanket “Sun”

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There’s something about a snug, warm blanket that makes all your problems evaporate into thin air. Bury yourself under our “Sandy Beach” blanket, and you’ll feel like stress-free days at the shore aren’t too far away.

Woven in a traditional Estonian factory with over 100 years of history, our blankets are made from 100% natural New Zealand sheep wool. This particular type of wool contains Lanolin, a natural wax produced by the glands of sheep. Sheep’s natural protection against the environment, Lanolin, has incredible thermoregulatory properties that make this blanket warm, stain-resistant, anti-allergic, and easy to clean.

Versatile. Practical. Stylish. This blanket is the ultimate accessory for getting calm, cozy, and relaxed. And its elegant design means wherever it ends up, it will never look out of place.

Part of our AUTUMN VIBES collection.

Blanket made of 100% natural New Zealand sheep wool.

Size 66.9 in x 51.2 in.

Hand wash at 68-86 degrees. Can be also ventilated.

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