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Onyx Coffee Lab

Earl Grey Tea by Onyx Coffee Lab

Earl Grey Tea by Onyx Coffee Lab

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This earl grey is a careful blend of two distinct and complementary single origin teas: a whole leaf dianhong black tea from central Yunnan province, China and a bright ceylon single estate tea from Kenilworth, Sri Lanka. The blend is combined with cold-pressed bergamot oil from a family farm in southern Italy, then air-dried. This method maintains freshness and produces a vibrant, easy-drinking cup with a smooth body and notes of grapefruit peel and fragrant citrus.

Yunnan, China, Sri Lanka

High Heat Roasted


Grapefruit Pith, Floral, Vibrant
(Sachet) Hot (8oz)
Tea: 2.5g
Water: 8oz
Water Temp: 208*F
Total Brew Time: 5 mins


To produce a balanced and flavorful Earl Grey, this tea is blended with bergamot oil in small batches to maintain its potency and freshness. The tea itself is a combination of dianhong (“Yunnan red”) tea from da ye (“big leaf”) cultivar trees grown in Yunnan (southwestern China) and a single estate Ceylon tea grown in a farm nestled between two rivers, the Kelani and the Majaweli in Kenilworth, Sri Lanka. Together, these teas result in a smooth, full-bodied black tea with a vibrant sweetness. The defining characteristic of Earl Grey is its fragrant bergamot orange scent. Bergamot oranges are native to southern Italy, and the cold-pressed oil used to create this Earl Grey was produced from bergamot oranges grown along the Ionian Sea coast at a beautiful family farm that has been owned and operated by the same family for over 100 years. Layers of dry leaves are gently moved to the top of the pile by hand and lightly saturated with oil all throughout the blending phase. We are excited to be able to share this tea with you thanks to our partners at Savoy Tea Co, a team of tea experts who share our commitment to transparency and high quality sourcing.

Black tea is oxidized more than oolong, white and green teas, meaning that after plucking and withering, the tea leaves are rolled, crushed, chopped, or otherwise bruised to spur oxidation to 90-100%. Temperature, humidity and other factors affecting oxidation are tightly controlled before drying. The resulting brew will be stronger in flavor and usually a deep reddish color. Many Asian countries name this a “red tea” after the color of the tea liquor after steeping.

The pyramid tea sachets are designed to give the tea leaves ample room to unfurl & expand as they steep. These sachets are made from PLA Mesh (NeoSoilon®) material that is derived from 100% non-GMO sugar cane. Each sachet is pre-dosed so you can enjoy a great cup of tea at your convenience.

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