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Meditation Cushion - Double Sided Round

Meditation Cushion - Double Sided Round

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Elevate your meditation practice on this beautiful and supportive Meditation Cushion, with a beautiful block-printed, double-sided design. Whether you use it for meditation, yoga, or simply as a stunning decorative piece in your home, this cushion is the ideal companion for your wellness journey.

Find your center in style

This meditation cushion boasts two exquisite sides, each adorned with intricate handcrafted block prints. Whether you prefer the soothing tranquility of one side or the vibrant energy of the other, you can easily switch between them to match your mood and meditation style.

Elevate your meditation experience with the perfect blend of softness and support. The cushion is filled with a premium, sturdy yet soft cotton that ensures you can comfortably maintain your posture and focus during your practice.

With a convenient carry handle, our meditation cushion is perfect for those who need tranquility on the go. Take it with you to the park, beach, or wherever your practice leads you.

Block Printing Tradition

Jaipur, India, is renowned for its traditional block printing, a centuries-old craft that involves intricately carved wooden blocks to create stunning patterns on fabric. Artisans in Jaipur skillfully hand stamp these blocks onto textiles, producing vibrant and detailed designs. The process often involves a meticulous arrangement of blocks, precise color application, and repeated impressions to achieve the final masterpiece. Jaipur's block printing is celebrated for its rich heritage, vibrant colors, and quality.

Sizes & Care

20'' x 20'' x 5''

Spot clean.

Final Sale. Not Eligible For Returns.

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