Women's Jewelry | Artisan Handmade

Ethical and Fair Trade jewelry from around the world. Your purchases at Sumiye Co help empower vulnerable artisan communities globally while being kind to the planet.

Kantha Beads Jewelry Collection

Sustainably Handmade By Female Artisans In India

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Art Deco Jewelry Collection

Hand crafted with materials like plated & oxidized brass or white metal, semi precious stones, vintage glass beads, Indian handmade glass beads or acrylic.

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Recycled Bullet Casings Jewelry

Handmade with love in Cambodia. Highly polished & handcast from recycled brass bombshells & bullets by ironwork artisans restoring and preserving traditional Cambodian skills.

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Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

Elevate your style sustainably with our Freshwater Pearl Jewelry. Handmade with love by artisans in Cambodia and Peru. 

Handwoven Metal Beads & Cotton Threads Jewelry

Playful jewelry motifs created with intricate, handwoven metal beads and cotton threads. Handcrafted by a cooperative of women artisans in India.

Ethical Luxury Jewelry

Made with 925 Sterling Silver & plated with 18 carat Gold and or Rhodium. Ethically crafted luxuriously produced.

Hand Casted in Kenya Jewelry

Socially conscious jewelry brand designing and delivering pieces from the heart of Africa. Their striking designs combine the beauty of traditional African adornment with a modern edge.

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