Arte Otomi

Arte Otomi

Otomi embroidery is the Mexican embroidery style known as "Tenangos", using vibrant colors, and unique floral and animal designs. Each Otomi piece is hand embroidered on Ivory muslin by Otomi artisans. 

(Wrap up Multicolor Otomi Wedding Dress)
Arte Otomi has become a favorite on Etsy by taking the otomi embroidery art into contemporary life. Their catalog includes dresses, clothing, handbags, wall decorbedding amongst other categories. 
 (Atomic Otomi Rainbow Dress)     (Joyce Otomi Black Suede Purse) 
                                                                         ( Serenata Otomi Wedding Dress - Click To Order )


(La Festiva Otomi Boho Dress - Click To Order)
The Otomi designs are symbols based on native flora and fauna of the Otomi region. The animals and flowers in this Mexican embroidery represent the daily events of the Otomi culture in which we will appreciate animals such as deer, birds, rabbits, etc.
(Otomi Embroidered Gold Duvet - Click To Order )
It depends on the design but every Otomi piece requires a long time to be finished. On average a Tenango such as a bedspread or an Otomi tablecloth can take up to 12 months to be completed.
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