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Smudging | White & Mountain Sage + Mountain Lavender Stick 4"

Smudging | White & Mountain Sage + Mountain Lavender Stick 4"

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This combination offers loving and healing properties and ensures peace and harmony to relax you even in the tensest moments. Utilize this smudge stick to help you decompress after a stressful day, or to prepare you for meditation. These smudge sticks are especially useful when attempting to clear blockages and release tension during the purification process. If you are feeling nervous or anxious, this smudge stick may help you calm down and settle your mind.

White Sage is probably the most common and popular herb for smudging. It is associated with purity and has a strong and heavy presence. Burn white sage to clear energy and restore balance, for protection and spiritual purification.

Mountain Lavender can be included in spells and rituals aimed to attract wealth, love, protection, and success. It is often included in love spells and rituals because of its attractive scent and is used as an ingredient in spells for attracting wealth.
Lavender adds a deeper sense of calm and peace to your space.

Mountain Sage is used to promoting new beginnings, strength, and space clearing. Also called Desert Mugwort, it grows at high altitudes and in arid desert climates. It collects the energy surrounding it and releases it when burned.

All of our sage is sustainably hand-harvested and ethically sourced in the United States, with care to the land, its people and agriculture.

To use, light the tip of the smudge and let it burn for several moments. Extinguish the flame gently and wave the burning smudge stick back and forth, distributing the smoke throughout your space.

Store in a dark, dry place.

You will receive one (1) smudge stick approximately 4" in length.

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