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Malabar Baby

Women's Kaftan Dress | Oia

Women's Kaftan Dress | Oia

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Soft, Stylish and ultra breathable.  Truly an easy dress to "dress up or down".  Lounge at home, host a dinner or spend the day outside.  

Each dress is handmade and hand block-printed on the finest India cotton voile. Each dress is also lined with a mustard yellow extra thin layer of cotton to keep things private under there! 

WOMENS SIZES: XS/S + M/L (Sizes run large and the most important measurement for our Kaftan Dresses is bust size. The rest is free flowing and easy to get in and out of with a wide neck opening.  XS/S fits up to bust size 37".  M/L fits up to bust size 40".)  

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