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Dog Chew Toy | Eco-Friendly Blue Star TPR (BPA-Free)

Dog Chew Toy | Eco-Friendly Blue Star TPR (BPA-Free)

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Food-Grade All-Natural Rubber, BPA-Free. Our Eco-Friendly Blue Star Pet Chew Toy is made from All-Natural Rubber that's safe and durable for everyday use.

Measurements: L: 2.6" W: 2.6"

Best for medium to large-sized dogs.

The unique design consists of soft pointy nubs and textures to help soothe your dog's mouth by gently massaging their gums. The buttery smooth texture relaxes your dog and helps with any anxiety they may have.

Perfect for interactive playtime, or the times your dog wants to chew alone.

JoJo Modern Pets Sustainability Scorecard: 5 of 5

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