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Double Edge Safety Razor Holder - Metallic Black

Double Edge Safety Razor Holder - Metallic Black

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Introducing Plantish’s Double Edge Safety Razor Holders, the perfect match to our zero waste Double Edge Safety Razor! Our sustainable holders ensure that your eco-friendly razors stay in the best condition, standing upright to dry and away from any dirty surfaces. 

We also recommend using an all natural soap bar to get the most of your razor.

  • metallic black safety razor holder
      • cost-effective:  save money by replacing conventional plastic razor holders with our sustainable matching holders
      • environmentally friendly and rust-free: made with aluminum and zinc alloy, completely plastic-free materials and zero waste packaging
      • travel friendly: store your safety razor in your compact-sized holder when on the go

        Clean off & Store

        • rinse and dry your razor and razor blade
        • place your razor into the holder to keep it upright, dry, and away from contaminated surfaces
        • moisturize the shaved area with your usual cream

        *life span will vary based on the frequency of use, storage conditions, handling, etc*

        Care Tips 
        1. clean your razor after every use with warm water then dry off with a wipe
        2. store it in your razor holder, away from moisture and contact with other surfaces
        3. avoid leaving it in the shower or tub
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