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Onyx Coffee Lab

Ecuador | Black Mint Chocolate by Onyx Coffee Lab

Ecuador | Black Mint Chocolate by Onyx Coffee Lab

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Organic Ecuador virgin butter retains the delicate chocolate aroma with its natural characteristics. Making it festive, organic peppermint oil is added to evoke the flavor of the season. Peppermint white chocolate is a mainstay in our culture, so we decided to make it black by adding activated charcoal powder. Enjoy this seasonal flavor if that's your thing. If not…give it to your frenemy.


Infused Organic Peppermint & Activated Charcoal

Peppermint, Cream


White chocolate makes the ideal chocolate conduit to deliver this flavor, but you won't find red & white candy cane bits or any pink swirls here. The black, darkness courtesy of activated charcoal contrasts the typical, joyous hue. Studded with minty red & green (white) chocolate shards, this bar allows you to look into this wicked mosaic yet still enjoy the flavors of the season, all while maintaining your cool, mature façade.

White chocolate is unique in that what makes it "chocolate" is the presence of cocoa butter, the natural fat found in cacao. We utilize organic, natural cocoa butter that retains its flavor and aroma. This is compared to deodorized cocoa butter witch interacts with steam vapor to 'strip' the majority of the flavor and aromatic compounds yielding a more neutral product used more so in the cosmetics industry. We source this cocoa butter from an Ecuadorian supplier that supports small local farmers with training, education, healthcare, as well as paying above the Fair Trade market value.

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