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Onyx Coffee Lab

Genmaicha Tea by Onyx Coffee Lab

Genmaicha Tea by Onyx Coffee Lab

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This tea is a simple combination of Sencha tea grown in Kyoto, Japan and toasted brown rice. The humble origins of this tea blend comes from post WWII Japan where toasted rice was added to "stretch" a tea during uncertain and difficult times. Over time, it has grown into a popular staple in the tea world served both hot and chilled. Its distinct mildness with nutty and toasted character is refreshing and balanced.

Kyoto, Japan

Steamed, Roasted & Popped


Toasted Nut, Steamed Rice, Umami
Hot (8oz)
Tea: 3g (1 sachet)
Water: 8oz
Water Temp: 175F
Total Brew Time:* 1-2 min


Like many popular teas, genmaicha has an origin story rooted in folklore. It has been said that on a fateful morning in 15th century Japan, a group of samurai was meeting to discuss a war campaign. A clumsy servant, called Genmai, was pouring the tea when some grains of rice accidentally slipped from his sleeve into the cup.

Beyond the fable, genmaicha is also found in Japanese history during WWII. When resources were becoming scarce in Japan, both farmers & families would use roasted & popped rice to “stretch” their tea. This would allow any given harvest’s yield the ability to last longer and serve more individuals during uncertain and difficult times. After the war ended, the practice of adding roasted & popped rice to tea was discontinued, as it often reminded families of previous hard times. However, over the course of several generations, Genmaicha has grown to be popular again, and today it is a point of pride for many Japanese people. It is definitely a unique staple of the tea world.

In Japan, green tea plants are generally harvested three-four times a year. The first flush harvest in early Spring (around late April to early May) is called ichibancha ("first tea"), and usually brings the best-quality leaves. After plucking, the tea leaves undergo a variety of green tea processes, distinct from the processing that oolong and black teas undergo. The common processing methods for Japanese green tea can include variable rounds of fanning, cooling, tumbling, shaping, roasting, and (most distinctly from Chinese green tea) steaming. Semi-processed green teas, also known as aracha ("crude tea"), are stored in low-humidity refrigeration until they are ordered and ready to be sorted and packaged, at which point the tea is re-fired and refined to increase its shelf life and flavor.

The pyramid tea sachets are designed to give the tea leaves ample room to unfurl & expand as they steep. These sachets are made from PLA Mesh (NeoSoilon®) material that is derived from 100% non-GMO sugar cane. Each sachet is pre-dosed so you can enjoy a great cup of tea at your convenience.

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