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Hot Cherry Pillows

Heat/Cold Therapeutic Pillows Set: Square, Eye Pillow & Neck | Red Denim

Heat/Cold Therapeutic Pillows Set: Square, Eye Pillow & Neck | Red Denim

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Heat these cherry pit-filled pillows or chill them to relieve tension, soothe aches & pains the natural way. This combination of eco-friendly therapeutic pillows is the perfect gift for soothing comfort for you or a friend. A traditional Swiss remedy, cherry pit-filled pillows excel in providing moist heat without offensive chemicals or artificial ingredients. All three therapy pillows deliver moist heat or chilled treatments that are useful for relaxing eyes, neck shoulders, & the square is perfect for chest, tummy & joints. Made from pre-washed natural denim. Our denim gets its lovely red color from a natural dye made from Hawaiian macadamia tree bark.

Set Includes:

Square Pillow: Perfect for muscle soreness, aching knees, congested chest, abdominal cramps or simply relaxing warmth. Measures 10.5” x 10.5” & holds approximately 2 lbs of clean dried cherry pits.

Neck Wrap: Lightweight & designed to alleviate neck muscle tension & promote relaxation while sitting up. Measures 22” x 5” & holds approximately 2 lbs. of clean dried cherry pits.

Eye Pillow: Best for easing headaches, resting the eyes or supporting the small of the neck during massage or facial treatments. Measures 10” x 4.5” and holds approximately .75lbs. of clean dried cherry pits.


Care: All pillows are machine washable ––follow instructions carefully–– and they will last for years! Pillows are microwavable & freezable.

Our cherry pits are a by-product of Michigan tart cherry industry that would otherwise go to a landfill. They are cleaned & dried with a patented process, without chemicals. Certified, woman-owned business that employs American workers and uses sustainable, native cherry pits to make pillows that help people feel better. Made with love, right here in the US of A. Sewn in a family shop in Southern California, Hot Cherry pillows are as comforting for the conscience as they are for the body. Packaging is minimal, we use soy ink in printing, and 95% of our shipping materials are from recycled sources. 

Feel Better Soon!

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