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Glass Foot File | Nail Care

Glass Foot File | Nail Care

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Fulfilled by our friends at LONDONTOWN

For gentle, effective smoothing. Large-scale glass file made specifically for your feet. Luxe, lightweight, and thoughtfully designed for comfort and ease of use, this glass foot file helps remove thick, rough skin and smooth away stubborn calluses effortlessly. A super fine grit effectively refines while doing so gently on skin; simply apply light pressure and let the file do the work for you.  

Hygienic and easy to clean; simply rinse with mild soap and water, then let dry .

How To Use:

Do not use on broken or irritated skin. May be used on dry or wet feet. Apply gentle, even pressure while filing towards the center of the foot. For best results, focus on thickened skin (like the heels or balls of the feet). Wash tool with mild soap and water as needed, then let dry. 

for gentle, effective smoothing
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