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French Lavender Buds & Flowers | High-Grade - Dry (0.5 Lb)

French Lavender Buds & Flowers | High-Grade - Dry (0.5 Lb)

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Get a long-lasting lavender scent straight from the fields to your home. Use it to infuse your linen closet, sock drawer, or car with a long-lasting scent. Delicate, dried lavender buds impart the soothing properties of lavender in a gentle way.  

You can place these lovely lavender bags in your dresser drawers, hang them in your closet, or store them in your car to create a calm and relaxing commute.

As the scent begins to fade, just give the sachet a squeeze to release a fresh wave of lavender fragrance.

  • 100% dried Lavender buds in an organza bag

  • Weight -1/2 LB 

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