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Relaxation Eye Pillow | Flaxseed Fill (7 Colors)

Relaxation Eye Pillow | Flaxseed Fill (7 Colors)

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Our eye pillows are hand-sew with care and attention by women artisans in India. Quiet your mind, relax your body  & and feel the cool scent of flaxseed filling of our luxurious mulberry silk eye pillow. The flaxseeds balancing effect is perfect for chronic headaches and is calming on the mind, body, and spirit. If you’re short on time to treat yourself, these eye pillows work in just 10 minutes to soothe and depuff tired under eyes.

Size: 4.5" x 8" approx.

Material: Mulberry Silk, Flaxseed Filling   

Our eye pillows are filled with natural flax seeds which when placed over your eyes will give a soft and cooling feel as the pillow will contour to your face with gentle pressure while blocking out the harsh light relieving tension and calming active muscles around the eyes. 

Yoga practitioners like to cover their eyes during asana pose with this eye pillow. These eye pillows are perfect for deepening relaxation  & meditation or use it in bed for simply relaxing after a long day. 

An opening at one end of the eye pillow allows you to take the cover off and making the pillow hand-washable and adjustable. Our eye pillows are Offered in several choices of colors and come in a variety of attractive designs and colors. These eye pillows come nicely packed with a sheer saree fabric gift bag in a matching color. 

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