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Floc Parade Soapstone Mobile | Kenya

Floc Parade Soapstone Mobile | Kenya

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Parade is a subtle yet impactful statement piece.It is made of a single line of three half-circles joined with one teardrop at the end. We recommend hanging them in groups to inspire your living room, calm your bedroom sanctuary or above a work desk to ease your day.

Length 16" x Width 6"

Parade is handcrafted from 100% naturally colored soapstone.

All components are made ethically in Kenya, with no assembly required before hanging.

Each FLOC mobile comes to you packaged in a stunning re-usable box. Not only is it solid so that it’ll protect your product, but also elegantly designed with limited branding so that you can re-gift or store other precious items in it.

Final Sale. No Refunds.

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