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Purifying Water Bottle / Travel Mug (12 oz) | Magic Garden - Gift Set - Ceramic

Purifying Water Bottle / Travel Mug (12 oz) | Magic Garden - Gift Set - Ceramic

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In the magic garden, lightly veiled in twilight, Flowers bloom quietly in the subtlest places. A gentle breeze caresses each petal, Playing a lullaby-like gentle melody. Wandering in watercolor, lingering among a myriad of stars, Joy emerges within tranquility. A splendid dreamland effortlessly painted, Vibrant colors illuminate the sanctuary of the heart. The magic garden opens with you, A journey of returning to simplicity and poetic dwelling.

The Symbolism Behind the Illustrations

Agathe hopes that busy and weary city dwellers can see through the chaos of the world in their fast-paced lives, find their inner sanctuary, return to simplicity, dwell poetically, and thus enjoy a carefree life.


Tourmaline Anion - Patented Far infrared and negative ion Technology. The tourmaline lining of the tumbler heightens the flavor and freshness of any beverage. The tourmaline's charged negative ions add a pure taste while neutralizing harsh chlorine and other impurities.

Travel Mug 330 ml / 12 oz Mug 360 ml / 12.5 oz

Travel Mug - 7 × 7 ×17.5 cm   Mug  12.5×12.5 ×9.3 cm


Travel Mug - Double Wall

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