Indian Creations by Incas

Indian Creations by Incas

From the Andes mountains where Ecuador meets Peru and Colombia, talented artisan hands create and design beautiful garments that today are worn all over the world.


Native American (Blue Bear) Blanket

These blankets are handmade by Ecuadorian artisans in the Andes with unique techniques and designs. The luxurious blankets are not only beautiful, and unique but they will keep you very warm during winter and fall with style.   


Handcrafted by Indigenous Hands. Soft and warm with hood.
One size and Unisex use
Indian Creations was born from the desire to share a small part of history through art and create something that is known for its symbolism and quality. All products come directly from the Andes Mountains, home of their. artisans.

Alpaca Wool Blanket (Rainbow Spectrum)

Beautifully designed by Indigenous Crafters

The history of Indian Creations is just the beginning, and thanks to your support we have made a large part of our community and ancestors proud. At no time in the production are the alpacas and sheep mistreated. They go through a rigorous procedure where we take into account their care and their skin.        

Native American Blanket

Alpaca Wool Blanket (Scarlet Dream)


Your purchases help provide artisans with the opportunity to grow their home-based businesses and raise their children.

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