About Us

Sumiye is a Japanese female name that means ‘Bright Mind, Smart Girl’. The name also signifies ‘Pure, Longevity, Beautiful, Blessed’.
     Sumiye Co is dedicated to the power of the female spirit and women in all walks of life. From female artisans around the world to creatives and entrepreneurial women as well as Mother Nature and women who understand the importance of embracing and protecting her. At Sumiye Co we believe that we don’t have to give up style for sustainability. We can surround ourselves with beauty and wear beautiful things without hurting the planet while at the same time supporting artisan communities around the world by bringing in the products of their handmade artistry into our world.
     Sumiye Co’s mission is to carry sustainable brands that have been ethically sourced, are socially conscious and transparent in their processes. We support women-owned businesses that care for the environment and well being of others. With every purchase at Sumiye Co you are contributing to brighter futures for talented artisans, their families and their communities. We bring the hard work of the artisans to fruition by making sure that the artisans are fairly paid and have an ethical working atmosphere and standards.
With Love, Alex J Nakamura (Owner)