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Onyx Coffee Lab

Geometry (Whole Bean) by Onyx Coffee Lab

Geometry (Whole Bean) by Onyx Coffee Lab

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Geometry has been defined as "describing spaces that lie beyond the normal range of human experience." It can be understood as things fitting together in a perfectly predestined way. Geometry is the culmination of years of thought and tasting of thousands of coffees to find the perfect fit. We pair together a washed-process Ethiopia that exudes florals, botanicals, and fragrant tea like notes with a washed-process Colombia that is honey forward and silky in texture. The result is a flawless blend that works for a modern espresso or a comforting filter blend. We personally use this as an espresso for all beverages 6oz and under.

Colombia, Ethiopia


1950 - 2100 MASL

Berries, Stone Fruit, Earl Grey, Honeysuckle, Round


Admit it—when you were a kid, you didn't think you would be thinking of Geometry as an adult. But we have turned the tables on you, like a Lazy Susan. But don't worry, our Geometry will not stress you out like middle school. Great as a filter coffee or an espresso, this blend has become our answer for everything. Don't believe us? Here are some examples:

Q: Which coffee do you want for filter coffee?
A: Geometry

Q: What coffee should we have as an espresso?
A: Geometry

Q: The Pythagorean theorem is a formula used in which form of mathematics?
A: Geometry

This coffee is ridiculously good and approachable while also remaining complex. It will convert even the most skeptical towards Specialty.


Our approach to creating blends is a bit different at Onyx. Instead of choosing coffees from specific countries or regions that will, in theory, intertwine well to develop complex & cohesive flavors like most, we start from the end and work our way back. This perspective means we choose to create a particular flavor profile first - deciding which acidities, sugars, and fats we want to accentuate for the coffee. Once a flavor profile has been set, in this case, blueberry, lemon, and tea for Geometry. We then start cupping blind through a large number of coffees to find these specific attributes. With this blend, the Colombian gives us a syrupy, clean, fermented fruit flavor. It shows itself upfront and in the finish. Next, we add a washed Ethiopian to add more

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