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Purifying Water Bottle & Travel Mug | Hummingbird Hand Painted (12oz) Ceramic

Purifying Water Bottle & Travel Mug | Hummingbird Hand Painted (12oz) Ceramic

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Hummingbirds are the smallest of all bird species, yet they are given so much strength and intelligence. The design shows a parallel between the exquisiteness of flowers and the colors of life--just like the connection between the hibiscus and hummingbirds. The bold, golden silhouette of a hummingbird on the side of the bottle is hand-painted in emerald green and iridescent blue. The different colors in our design encourage a sensuous, tactile experience both visually and to the touch. 

Ceramics - Its ceramic rim offers a clean and smooth sip to the mouth.

350 ml / 12.3 oz

7.2" H x 2.8"

Double Wall. The bottle is structured in double layers for heat resistance. The inner lining of the tumbler heightens the flavor and freshness of any beverage, creating an ideal drinking experience.

Lid material : 
The lid is made with acrylic with food-grade silicone leak-proof seal.  Acrylic Resin Lid, ABS Inner Thread Cap, and silicone Cover (SGS food grade test passed)

Minted Gift Box 

Care: Please hand wash for optimal cleaning results.


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