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Purifying Water Bottle & Travel Mug | Nature’s Own (18oz ) Clay

Purifying Water Bottle & Travel Mug | Nature’s Own (18oz ) Clay

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Made of nature itself, Nature's Own Travel Mug is the perfect companion to your adventures, no matter where they take you! The design features soft curves and delicate tones reminiscent of the valleys, mountains, and rivers that inspire us to keep exploring. A daily companion and a trusted friend, this mug is the perfect way to bring some of the great outdoors into your everyday life.

If you want every sip to taste and feel like a plunge into the freshest mountain streams and the most pristine lakes, Nature's Own Travel Mug is the right choice.


ABS (walnut wood effect), Tritan ™ and silicon cover (SGS food grade test passed)

540 ml / 18.9 oz

Single Wall. The tourmaline lining of the tumbler heightens the flavor and freshness of any beverage. The tourmaline's charged negative ions add a pure taste while neutralizing harsh chlorine and other impurities.

7.36" H x 3.1"

Minted Gift Box + Silicone Sleeve


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