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Bottle Service | Nail Polish Holder

Bottle Service | Nail Polish Holder

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The at-home mani/pedi tool you never knew you needed, but soon realize you can’t do your nails without. This is a wearable nail polish holder that makes it even easier to do your nails: the sturdy yet flexible compartment fits most bottles snugly, and the comfortable grip slides onto your hands and feet or table edge easily, no matter the size. You have the bottle right where you need it—making your at-home routine even more seamless (and more spill-free) than before.

How To Use:

Slip the C-shaped holder onto your hand, foot, or table. Then, place your nail polish bottle directly into the center of the spiral compartment. For maximum security, spin the bottle in the direction of the spiral to ensure a tight, no-slip grip. Polish as usual.

for easy, mess-free manis & pedis every time
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