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Dog Leash | Eco-Friendly Jute, Cedar, Vegan Leather

Dog Leash | Eco-Friendly Jute, Cedar, Vegan Leather

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This dog leash is made of carbon negative materials. The round cedar handle and durable jute rope are held together by a trim of vegan leather made of recycled water bottles. 

At 5 feet this is a perfect length for all walkers. Circular handle (6" diameter) and Small Storage Bag. The stainless steel clip and ring are both infinitely recyclable, safe and rust resistant.

While out on a walk the cedar handle can be used as a handle or a loop on the wrist. Perfect for sliding up your wrist so you can text or take pictures of your favorite pooch.

JoJo Modern Pets Sustainability Scorecard: 5 of 5

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