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Hand-beaded Clutch Bag In Lush Green & Blue

Hand-beaded Clutch Bag In Lush Green & Blue

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The Arnoldi Jade glass bead clutch is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and storytelling. Each bead is carefully sewn by skilled artisans, who create this exquisite piece in the comfort of their homes surrounded by their loved ones. The resulting pattern is not just a decorative element, but a symbol of the BrunnaCo's commitment to embracing uniqueness and celebrating diversity.

Dimension: 8” W x 6” H x 3” D
Handle drop: 20.5 inches
Soft voluminous clutch
Glass beads embellishments
Plastic clutch frame
Satin scrunch handle (non-detachable)
Exclusive design by BrunnaCo

Final Sale. Not Eligible For Returns.

The true meaning behind the Arnoldi pattern

We created this Arnoldi pattern design to inspire women (and also men) all around the world to embrace their individuality. Despite its stunning beauty, Rafflesia Arnoldi is actually a parasitic unisexual flower with a strong odiferous smell to attract blowflies as their only pollinator. It is a short-term bloomer that’s known to be a very shy, temperamental, and difficult species to grow. So difficult that even Singapore's Botanic Gardens has not yet succeeded in growing its own. But all these unique characteristics only make the Arnoldi flower even more special and rare. It's one of Indonesia's three national flowers and the world's rarest flower.

This Arnoldi collection is dedicated for those who are labelled as different, difficult, and the list goes on. Sometimes we allow these labels to block our true potential. With this collection we want to make it clear that sometimes we don’t have to fit in and it’s okay to be different. We are our best self when we accept ourselves and all of our flaws because that’s what stands us out from others.

Photo credits:
Photographer: Faruq Adib
Stylist: Gracia Gisu
Makeup Artist: Luvita
Hairdo: Nikodoesmakeup

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