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Travel Mug | 'Harmony 'Stainless Steel, Ceramic Wall, Swarovski Crystal (12 oz )

Travel Mug | 'Harmony 'Stainless Steel, Ceramic Wall, Swarovski Crystal (12 oz )

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Harmony, The Travel Mug Perfected, provides fabulous temperature control for up to six hours, thanks to its unique triple-wall, vacuum insulated construction comprised of dual layers of stainless steel encasing its ceramic core. The lid of this mug features a Swarovski crystal with gold details. And the 12 oz. ceramic core is so special it’s patented, as it incorporates crystals of the rare precious mineral Tourmaline that improves a liquid’s flavor, purity and ability to be absorbed by the body. Perhaps best of all, your gorgeous Harmony Travel Mug immediately conveys to the world what superb taste you have.

Inner liner: Liven Tourmaline Glazed Ceramics
Outer Shell: SUS304 Stainless Steel

The inner lid and tumbler rim: Tritan™(BPA Free, FDA-approved)
Heat-resistance temperature: 4°F ~ 212°F (-20°C ~ 100°C)

330 ml / 12 oz

2" x 2" x 6.8 "

Triple Wall

Minted Gift Box 


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