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Ring | 'Twist it Up' Handcasted in Kenya - Fair Trade Jewelry

Ring | 'Twist it Up' Handcasted in Kenya - Fair Trade Jewelry

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Handmade in Kenya. Fabulous and Sleek Statement! Twisted brass open end ring.

- Recycled Brass
- Handmade in Kenya

AYAM Africa is a socially conscious jewelry brand designing and delivering pieces from the heart of Africa. Their striking designs combine the beauty of traditional African adornment with a modern edge. They work in collaboration with artisan families in Nairobi, Kenya who hand make collections from a variety of materials: recycled glass & metals, repurposed cow horn and bone, wax-cast brass, seeds and antique trade beads.

All materials are sourced from across Africa at a fair price, thereby helping to strengthen the local economy and empower artisans and bead merchants.

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