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Awe Inspired

Selene + White Topaz Halo Necklace Set by Awe Inspired

Selene + White Topaz Halo Necklace Set by Awe Inspired

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Poets and lovers of all the ages have been enraptured by the beauty and mystery of Selene, the radiant moon goddess. From her visage she radiates all the beauty and light of the full moon, and in this set she is crowned by a magnificent halo of white topaz, as lovely as a swatch of stars around her shining celestial body. Wear her on our Cuban Chain and magnify her pure radiance with the cleansing energy of white topaz.


  • Cuban Chain included
  • Chain Length: 20" - 22"


We want your jewelry to continue to inspire Awe for years to come. Clean your pieces regularly with the Awe anti-tarnishing polishing cloth included in your order. Do not use cleansing agents and minimize exposure to saltwater and chemicals.

Final Sale. Not Eligible For Returns. 



Greek Goddess of the moon, she’s gorgeous, magically gifted, and responsible for driving the moon across the sky every night with her silver, snowy steed-led chariot. Is there anything quite as romantic as staring up at the moon, wondering if your lover is too? So it shouldn’t be surprising that she took many lovers, including Zeus, Pan, and the mortal Endymion. Whenever the moon isn’t visible in the night sky, it’s rumored she’s visiting Endymion. She’s also the reason moonrocks are known as selenite. Invoke this Goddess to aid you in promoting sleepiness.


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